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New Nemesis Traction Control Systems (TCS)

The latest in "plug n' play" goodie for Ducati from Nemesis® is the Traction Control System. The system utilizes intelligent slip correction by responding in the following ways: variable ignition retard to provide a soft, progressive reaction to modulate power; soft cut using only one cylinder; soft cut plus ignition retard; or pulsed irregular cut cycle to provide a longer tire recovery time without loss of forward momentum.

"All you do is plug it in and ride."

Highlights of the fully-developed System

  • Compatible with standard and aftermarket ECU systems, and every Ducati. In fact, any two-cylinder bike can use this system.
  • Intelligent control with nine levels as well as TC-Off. All available from the handlebar mounted push buttons.
  • Unique wheelie detection strategies and 'virtual front wheel speed' make traction control possible even with the front wheel in the air.
  • Pit lane speed limiter using soft cut technology.
  • Installation hardware kit as well as 'plug n play' wiring for each bike model.
  • Minimal user programming required via USB interface as slip maps are provided that have all been track tested for club or professional use.
  • Internal sensors are able to determine if the bike is at mid-corner or at any point during the acceleration out of the corner--vital for applying the correct slip control.

Just how quick can it react, and will I feel it?

Look at the slip response image-2 below and you will see an event where the wheel slips rapidly, this resulted in a rapid response from the Nemesis-TCS as the Slip Correction rapidly changes from a low level power modulation (slip index 1>4) to a soft cut at level 5 which immediately stopped the slide. All within .053 of a second and the rider hardly felt it. The other more severe responses from 6>16 were not required.

The fundamental concept of Traction Control is ‘control’ it would be very easy to cut the ignition as soon as the slip exceeds the desired ‘slip curve', but it would be horrible to ride. We begin the control using ignition retard to progressively modulate the power around a slip map, if there are any sudden slips which require a greater reaction then we have a host of other system reactions to deal with it and put the power back down without loss of forward drive.

Can I open the throttle fully mid corner?

Although theoretically possible it is not the best method for accelerating out of a corner. Under these kind of circumstances the resulting sudden and violent loss of traction would result in a similar aggressive and rapid reaction from the TCS with the emphasis on restoring traction rather than optimum drive out of the corner.

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